The Snare

The Shell

The heart of The Tempest Bell Bronze Snare is the exclusive shell.

As the world's only cast drum shell, the Tempest Bell Bronze shell is cast in one of Germany's oldest bell foundries, using the traditional sand-casting process. A traditional Bell Bronze alloy is used, which has proven to be the ideal material for over 300 years due to its excellent sound and casting properties.

The Build

The raw cast shell is then turned to a perfect 3mm wall thickness, the bearing edges and the snare beds are handcrafted, holes are drilled and finally the surface of the shell is brushed and sealed to prevent corrosion.

A combination of a rounded-over batter side bearing edge, a slightly sharper resonant side bearing edge and our proprietary snarebeds ensures an amazing tone along with an incredibly sensitive and accurate snare wire response, even with big snares.


The uncompromising idea of building the best snare in the world is matched by the choice of hardware.

  • Solid chromed brass lugs with self-adjusting brass inserts for the tension rods.
  • Machined stainless steel tension rods with copper washers
  • Trick USA Multistep–Strainer, precision milled from aluminium
  • 20-strand bronze snare wires
  • Stainless Steel mounting screws
  • Free choice of heads
  • 2,3mm triple flanged hoops, other hoops possible if desired

In every detail the goal was to design a snare that sounds incredible and lasts forever.

"Built like a tank, sounds like a dream."

The Tempest Bell Bronze snare combines over 300 years of German bell-casting art with more than 10 years of drumbuilding expertise, the love of high-quality, exclusive musical instruments and the striving for tonal and aesthetic perfection.